For the first time in decades, education organisations in Australia and around the globe are being forced to make significant changes in how they teach and what it really means to be ‘learner-centric’.

Yet both students and educators still face the challenge of having to operate in physical spaces and facilities built for age-old ways of learning and teaching.

Whether you're an educator or a learning space designer, ARKI Education brings together global brands such as Steelcase, Smith Systems and Orangebox with local Australian brands to  help you create and re-imagine your learning spaces.


For years Steelcase has studied education with a unique, human-centered design research process. We observe educators at work and test design principles, product ideas and applications with the goal of improving student success, while immersing ourselves in the relevant research of others in such fields as learning research, cognitive neuroscience, environmental psychology, behavioural and social sciences and ergonomics.

Adoption of Active Learning

Inspired by ongoing Steelcase research and insights, active learning has become the  foundation of our solutions developed specifically  for students and educators. Learning happens anywhere and can be synchronous or asynchronous, formal or informal. The ecosystem  suggests pedagogy,  technology and space  should be all be considered when designing  for active learning in all spaces on campus.  Steelcase advocates an active learning  ecosystem that equally supports and  incorporates pedagogy, technology and space.


campus learning framework

We use a simple but effective framework to understand learning needs for private and public spaces, supporting individual and collaborative work.


The aim is to support multiple ways of learning, by providing students and educators a range of spaces for their needs.


Built-in flexibility also allows teachers and learners to customize their learning spaces and address different modes of work, with the desired degree of visual and acoustic privacy.



Individual work

in the presence

of others

Open group work

with peers or

faculty and staff



Group work

with visual and

acoustic privacy


focused work

with visual and 

acoustic privacy


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